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IEP Meetings

The Law Offices of Briana Banayan represents students at IEP meetings to obtain meaningful goals, services, assessments, and placement for your child. We meet with you beforehand to determine what your desired outcomes are, provide our own expert opinions for you, and work together to get your desired results for your child. We can additionally help you understand your IEPs and help you develop successful strategies for your IEP meetings.


Due Process

We know how to win due process claims at a resolution session, mediation, and/or hearing. In due process, we can gain appropriate services, extra compensatory services for all the time your rights were violated, a new placement (different public or private school and/or different program/class), and get you reimbursed for certain expenses (such as private school tuition or services) you've paid for your child.  


Financial Assistance

We offer every family free consultations and can potentially represent you free of charge. To speak with an attorney to find out how we can help you and to find out if you are eligible for financial assistance, please contact us and we will promptly get in touch with you.


Assessment Requests

We contact your school district to obtain district-funded assessments for your child and, oftentimes, with a private expert.


Record Requests

We write letters to school districts and obtain your child's educational records for you.


Regional Center Hearings

We help assure that your child's rights are protected when regional centers want to cut your child's rights to services.


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