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Financial Assistance


The Law Offices of Briana Banayan understands that it is not easy financially providing for your special needs children. From therapeutic services to doctor visits, we know you have your hands full. If you are struggling financially, please contact us for a free consultation to find out if you are eligible to receive free attorney services. 

Special education laws provide that when students win or settle their cases through due process, their attorney fees will be paid for by the school district. We endeavor to win or settle every case we take to due process. This way, if you are unable to afford standard attorney fees, you may be eligible to receive free attorney services with due process. Call us with your concerns about your child in order to determine if your case can be resolved through due process.

The Law Offices of Briana Banayan furthermore offers flexible rates and payment plans for low-income families for IEP representation and other services. We don’t want your financial struggles to obstruct your child's right to receive a fair and appropriate education. 

Fill out our intake form to have our office contact you for a free consultation. 

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